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Mar 25, 2011

The Pink Chaddi After Effect

MintyRich toon (drawn last year on Valentine’s Day) that’s getting published in Art & Deal Magazine.

Jan 11, 2011

Social Diva

The toon seems to be self explanatory. I am connected to many ladies on these networks who, I feel, can match the energy and the enthusiasm of the Social Goddess (if there is any) Minty is depicting above.

So, to all socially active females out there, this cartoon is an ode to the spirit and positive energy that you inject in these networks.

Please drop me a line or two, you comments are the inspiration and keep me going.

Jan 1, 2011

Draw the curtains – It ‘s a brand new day

Bring you kisses sweet with wine
Dance with the splendor of a thousand fools in love
I fall into your arms like show flakes
One thing is certain, in the morning when we draw the curtain
It will be a brand new day.

MintyRich toons wishes you all an awesome new year.

Love, Amol

*Lines excerpted from the song “Draw the curtains” by Will Hoge.


Meet the cartoonist

Hello & warm welcome. I am Amol and MintyRich is my toon-log where I post my doodles / cartoons drawn on tissue papers and sometimes (rarely) random posts on various things that I found interesting / worth sharing.

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