I get asked questions (by email and in my comments) and some of them are Frequently Asked Questions. So, for future reference and your ease, here’s a FAQ page. Comments are welcome.


Question: Would you like to exchange links?

Answer: Sorry, but almost certainly not. I don’t “trade” links. No, really, I almost never do. I generally link to sites I think my readers might like, and I encourage you to do the same.

Question: So, if you don’t do link exchanges, how do I get my new blog listed on MintyRich?

Answer: So sorry, but you probably don’t. So many new blogs start strong and promising, but they fade after a few posts, or after a few weeks, or after a few months. Most of the “new” blogs I add to my blogroll have been going strong for a year or more. Otherwise, the link maintenance gets completely out of hand.

An exception to this is if I like your blogging enough to link it a few times, your blog will probably wind up on my blogroll. No linkback required, although it never hurts — nobody’s immune to flattery.


Question: Why did you delete/moderate my comment?

Answer: Most likely because you weren’t nice. I ask my blog visitors to be civil, friendly, polite, nice. And I enforce that. We don’t welcome flaming, aggressive debating style, snark, or even strong sarcasm. Yes, I do break these rules myself, sometimes. But I live here.


Question: Can I buy a link or a banner?

Answer: Sure! Just drop me an email to amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net with the site you’d like to advertise, and I’ll send you a rate sheet. Please be prepared to buy at least three months of advertising at a time, and to pay in advance. If you’re selling p()rn or dangerous or worthless crap — please don’t bother.

Question: Would you like to join my affiliate program and then put up my banner for free?

Answer: Almost certainly not. Most affiliate programs suck, especially the cookie-cutter ones that use “standard” affiliate software. The stats reporting is bad, the percentage paid is bad, the affiliate program software is rude or clueless, the terms of service are ridiculous and one-sided or unfit for bloggers, or the product is bad. I even have started hating Adsense for almost similar reasons.

Question: Can I buy a cartoon talking about my site / product / event / whatever?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Would you like to draw a cartoon for my product?

Answer: If it’s a virtual / downloadable thing, no. There’s just no time, and it amounts to unpaid work for me.

However, if it’s a physical thing (a toy, book, gadget or whatever) and is coming for a price you might have a shot. Email me the details.


Question: I’d like to interview you for my blog or publication. Is that possible?

Answer: Sure. You can mail me the details at amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net.

OTHER (The most humiliating one)

Question: Do you know where I can find more toons like the one you posted?

Answer: No. If I did, there’d probably be a link. Otherwise, Google is your friend.

Meet the cartoonist

Hello & warm welcome. I am Amol and MintyRich is my toon-log where I post my doodles / cartoons drawn on tissue papers and sometimes (rarely) random posts on various things that I found interesting / worth sharing.

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Copyright Info.

All artwork & characters viz, Todo, Minty, Rody & Mr. Joe are copyright of Amol Dhir and any use/misuse without written approvals will attract infringement under the Indian Copyright Act.