Jan 1, 2011

Draw the curtains – It ‘s a brand new day

Bring you kisses sweet with wine
Dance with the splendor of a thousand fools in love
I fall into your arms like show flakes
One thing is certain, in the morning when we draw the curtain
It will be a brand new day.

MintyRich toons wishes you all an awesome new year.

Love, Amol

*Lines excerpted from the song “Draw the curtains” by Will Hoge.

Nov 4, 2010

Dheere Jalna – Seasons Greetings.

“Dheere janla, dheere jalna, dheere jalna… zindagi ki law pe jalna.” lines taken from Paheli (a highly acclaimed film directed by Amol Palekar) translates in English as; “Burn Slowly on the flame of life.” which metaphorically wishes for the long life of the love during the festive season.

Yesterday (02-Nov) being Shahrukh Khan’s birthday (who was also the lead actor in the film) we at MintyRich toons were wondering if we could celebrate his birthday with such festivals now on.

Again, Seasons Greetings & Love.

Listen to the beautiful song on you tube here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGXEdJqEm

Oct 31, 2010

Daddy of all cartoons.

Re-introducing Wicked Mr. Joe


Meet the cartoonist

Hello & warm welcome. I am Amol and MintyRich is my toon-log where I post my doodles / cartoons drawn on tissue papers and sometimes (rarely) random posts on various things that I found interesting / worth sharing.

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