Exclusively framed handmade MintyRich cartoons. These are trendy yet affordable. To order, choose the from blog and mail the details to amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net.

What you will get ?

Flawlessly hand-drawn customized cartoon on high quality 4-ply tissue paper.

Especially framed between two glasses to make the art long lasting.

Sample Art:

Pricing & Payment Options:

For Indian buyers (if the framed art is to be shipped within India) – USD 50.00

For Foreign buyers (if the framed art is to be shipped outside India) – USD 75.00

You can make payments using your credit-card through PayPal. Indian buyers can also ask for the bank account details, where they can deposit the money.

Should you have any other payment related query write me an email at amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net.


My courier company has promised me that they will ship anywhere in the universe… err… except sun, its way too hot for them.

This is how a standard order is packed and shipped, we can also gift-rap the order; for this, direct us in the email you write.

Copyright Info:

I do not intend to sell the copyrights with any sale such made. In simple words, you as the buyer of framed art only get rights to flaunt/reselling the art but not of reproducing the same in any manner.

Since I retain the copyrights, you cannot claim copyright for your artwork anywhere . But if you intend to get a customized toon (or a design of that sort) done using your brand or trademark, please contact me over the email where we can discuss copyright transfer for a fee.

FYI: I have closed commenting on the page to cut down the spam clutter. Should you have any query or something important to say write me an email at amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net.

Meet the cartoonist

Hello & warm welcome. I am Amol and MintyRich is my toon-log where I post my doodles / cartoons drawn on tissue papers and sometimes (rarely) random posts on various things that I found interesting / worth sharing.

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Email me at amol(at)mintyrich(dot)net.
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Copyright Info.

All artwork & characters viz, Todo, Minty, Rody & Mr. Joe are copyright of Amol Dhir and any use/misuse without written approvals will attract infringement under the Indian Copyright Act.